Friday, March 5, 2010

Stealing Tarkovsky

Images taken from Andrei Tarkovsky's, "Nostalghia".
Okay, i realize that foreign films are often the fodder for comedy show sketches and beer commercials. And I get why.
But all the things that people mock about foreign films are the very things I love about them. Slow,obtuse,melodramatic,existential,ruminative and beautifully shot. They often require a patience that flies in the face of our expedited daily existence. It is a small escape to another place. (Granted, WIll Ferrell movies also provide a certain escape and one I enjoy as well but that's another blog post altogether.)


Kathie Sever said...

personally, i'm finding great comic relief along with deep personal satisfaction in picturing you carefully pausing and photographing your television set.

NH said...

i bet you are. wait till you see the will ferrell pics. an equal amount of care and pause went into those as well.

ruud ('rudi') said...

It's like those books which require 'slow reading', something I haven't mastered at all. Most difficult, to overcome the switches set within (ourselves).