Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New CD - Beauty,Wit & Speed released today!

"SEEST thou yon smiling Orange, upon the tree still hangs it..."

Okay, yes, I'm quoting Goethe to announce the release of my new cd. Honestly I've never read anything by the man, not even Faust, I just stumbled upon this first line of a poem today in the half price bookstore and as I have had a certain citrus fruit in my consciousness everyday for the last year, I found it fitting here on the eve of sending Beauty,Wit & Speed out into the ether...and time.

It's an odd endeavor this business of putting thoughts and feelings to sound and then putting it out into the world. It most often begins in isolation, usually late in the night with a quiet strum and a whispered vocal which at another time may become a full tilt rock n roll stomp. The goal, however, is most always to make a connection. A connection that you may never know you have made with another human being you may never meet. And of course right behind the desire for connection is the need to make a living. Ah yes, there's the rub. Putting a record out in these days of attention vying, information overload and social media saturation is I suppose a bit like sending out the invites, slaving days in the kitchen, spreading out the buffet and then wiping your hands, leaning back against the counter with a glass of wine and hoping the guests show up.

I had a truly fantastic time making this record and was grateful daily for the collaboration with such gifted and personable musicians. Also, my co-producer/engineer and friend Britton Beisenherz provided the most relaxed and spirited vibe of creativity and fun to the sessions. The skill, mood and musical sensibilities that he brought to this project are the very things that led me to his studio door in the first place. And lastly, my gratitude for those that contributed financially to make the record a reality is immeasurable.

So I hope you will join me at the table. Either way you may find me here with a glass of wine, peeling an orange and cracking open a copy of Faust.

*Austin CD Release Show @ FRANK Thursday October 20 10pm

Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sometimes I think l learn more from my children's paintings than I ever learned in art school.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scenes from a Northbound Train

they come out early in the morning
to watch as we roll by
no loved ones to send off
or welcome
only to wave at strangers
and imagine
the freedom of motion
to stare into the face of possibility
in a line of silver and speed