Monday, July 14, 2008

No Mere Prank

i have been walking around with you in my mind for the last 36 hours
little marble in a can
the disappointment hangs like smoke
and there is no reason that i should care
but i do
most everyone in this room thinks that they are so damn cool
myself included i suppose
but we look like little children in our fathers clothes
the swagger and stare
the hitch and glide
i've no use for it
blue lights
and skin
i think i understand now why andy kaufman
took his audience out for milk and cookies
it was much more than an exercise in comic absurdity
it was no mere prank
it was a great equalizer
he knew the desire of even the hardest heart
and in that moment
by throwing his arm around the shoulder of his world
he allowed us all to relax a little
and be who we were
not who we thought we wanted to be


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